Professional Property Management Association of San Francisco

Thank you for your interest in joining the Professional Property Management Association of San Francisco!

The PPMA offers many benefits to its members such as our monthly luncheon membership meetings. These informative lectures, round-table discussions, and expert panels are offered on a variety of topics concerning property management specific to San Francisco, as well as providing behind-the-scenes political updates and a chance to meet fellow property managers and local vendors. 

PPMA Membership brings with it FREE use of the Residential Tenancy Agreement and related forms, including employment agreements and management agreements. And ONLY with a PPMA membership will you receive these forms and agreements electronically from this website, eliminating hours of paperwork. 

Perhaps most importantly, PPMA Membership links you with over a hundred property managers in the City and local vendors. Anyone who likes to know the people they are doing business with should join today! 

Best of all, PPMA Membership is extremely affordable!

  • Basic Membership - The main representative of your company, is $375 per year.
  • Additional Memberships - Other Property Managers or staff in your company who wish to enjoy the benefits of membership, are $75 each per year.
  • Lunch - rates listed below

Read on for more membership benefit details and an opportunity to join:

Residential Tenancy Agreement

The PPMA has developed the Residential Tenancy Agreement that is tailored to the unique rental environment of San Francisco. Incorporating the very latest San Francisco Residential Rent Stabilization and Arbitration Rules and Regulations.

Management Agreement

The PPMA's Management Agreement is recognized as the most comprehensive agreement available in the City, and is only included with PPMA membership.

Resident Manager and Employee Agreements

PPMA Members enjoy free use of the Resident Manager and Employee Agreements, the best way to keep your company out of trouble with labor laws.

Listing in the PPMA Membership Directory on this Web Site

The Membership Directory is the best way to network with others in the field.

A Voice at City Hall

The PPMA's leadership is well known and respected in the Mayor's Office, at the Board of Supervisors, and the San Francisco Residential Rent Stabilization and Arbitration Board. As a member, you can rest assured that your interests and those of your owners are being closely watched, and will be vigorously defended at City Hall.

Contact with PPMA Affiliates

The PPMA's Affiliate Program includes many of the finest contractors, attorneys, and other vendors that you use every day. These contacts will always be at your fingertips. Many Affiliates also provide special offers and discounts to PPMA Members ONLY.

Informative Meetings

Each month (excluding July and August), the PPMA holds its Membership Meetings over lunch. During the luncheon, you will get a complete update on local and state legislative activities, as well as informative information from our guest speaker and vendor sponsor. Upcoming speakers will cover topics ranging from the San Francisco Residential Rent Stabilization and Arbitration Board to the California Department of Real Estate to lead paint hazards.

Luncheon Rates

Only Members of the PPMA and their Guests are eligible for the following pricing:

  • $40 - Member/Additional Member with RSVP
  • $45 - Member/Additional Member at the door on the day of the event (no RSVP)
  • $50 - First time guest of a Member/Additional Member
  • $75 - Second time+ guest of a Member/Additional Member
  • Prepayment Discount: $325 - pay for all nine (9) lunches up now and not have to worry about it for the rest of the year! A $35 total Savings!